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November 2017

Hey <<Constituent First Name>>, Free resources to help bring learning to life in your garden.

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Visit 28 School Gardens in 1 Hour - Educational Garden Design Element Video Lab

Watch Design Video Lab

Want to see educational gardens and farms from the comfort of your living room? Well now you can! The Educational Farm and Garden Design Element Video Lab are videos of educators sharing their outdoor teaching spaces. Browse these educational farms and gardens to gain inspiration for your garden site.

We also invite you to share your site by uploading a video of your own.

Get all the details at

Upgrade Your Garden SignsWorm Sign

Recently we have been having a fun time making garden signs with chalkboard paint. Available as a spray or brush-on paint, chalkboard paint allows you to make reusable signs and instruction boards. You can paint smooth wood or for longer lasting signs find some plexiglass to spray paint. We have been able to find old plastic photo frames at thrift stores and up-cycle them to make chalkboards. Using liquid chalk makes finer, brilliant lettering that lasts longer on a board than normal chalk.

Sign painting and repair is a great winter time task.

See more ideas and a photo gallery of educational garden signs on our Making Garden Signs Blog Post. We also have professional designed garden signs that may work well in your garden.

Show Off The Science & Engineering Practices - Poster Downloads

We have created posters of the 8 Next Generation Science Standards Science and Engineering Practices. Proudly post these as a reminder of the science skills your students practice in your classroom and garden. Find the posters and many more resources on connecting content standards to garden teaching at

NGSS Science & Engineering PracticesNGSS Posters

Asking questions and defining problems

Developing and using models

Planning and carrying out investigations

Analyzing and interpreting data

Using mathematics and computational thinking

Constructing explanations and designing solutions

Engaging in argument from evidence

Obtaining, evaluating and communication information


Spanish Language Resources

We are often asked if we have resources in Spanish. We do and so do many others! To help answer this question we put all the Spanish language resources we have come across on one page.

Garden education programs are blooming in more and more communities across the nation and world. We hope our list of resources helps to share quality resources for Spanish speaking educators and students.

If you have additional resources for Spanish speakers please share them in the comment section at

¡ Gracias !

School Garden Support Organizations Unite!

Garden Gnome

Do you or your organization support multiple school gardens? If so check out

The National School Garden Network is a Learning Community of School Garden Support Professionals. Life Lab co-founded this network of over 1,000 organizations in 2012. Together with other school garden support organizations (SGSOs) we present webinars on key SGSO activities, engage in an online forum, and gather at networking events.


There are no mistakes in gardening, only experiments.

-Janet Kilburn Phillips

The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers; she is the one who asks the right questions.

-Claude Levi-Strauss


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